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Paula Patton, the Mission Impossible 4 girl and wife of R&B sensation Robin Thicke, talk about her new found fame and role on Mission Impossible 4 movie and journey in an interview with Kevin Frazier at Miami’s American Black Film Festival (ABFF).

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Paula Patton the newest sexy bombshell “bond girl” of the film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol starring alongside Tom Cruise, is featured as the latest cover girl for Complex magazine December 2011 / January 2012 issue showing lots of her bronze beautiful skin. Paula Patton was on the cover back of the Complex magazine in 2006.

Paula Patton cover girl Complex Dec 2011

Paula Patton cover girl for Complex Dec 2011

Paula Patton cover girl for Complex Paula Patton cover girl Complex magazine Paula Patton cover girl for Complex december 2011 Paula Patton hot cover girl for Complex

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Paula Paton Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protoco

Paula Patton

American actress Paula Patton first hit the movie scene back in 2005 with her leading role in the movie “London”. Born on December 5, 1975, Ms. Patton is most known for her roles in films such as “Idlewild” and “Jumping the Broom”. She was born in Los Angeles to parents Joyce and Charles Patton. Although she started out at UC Berkeley, one year later she chose to make the move to USC Film School where she graduated with honors. Upon graduation, she began a three month stint making PBS documentaries. She later worked as a producer on the show “Medical Diaries” seen on the Discovery Health Channel.

Paula Patton’s career began with a lead role as Alex in the movie “London” back in 2005. In this film, she worked with greats such as Eva Mendes and Will Smith. She followed this up the same year with a supporting role in “Hitch” where she played Mandy and the following year acted with Big Boi and Andre Benjamin in the hit “Idlewild”. Her acting career only took off from there.

Ms. Patton acted in a number of films over the next few years. Her filmography includes such movies as “Mirrors” with Keifer Sutherland and “Deja Vu” with Val Kilmer and Denzel Washington. She almost made the movie to television as she was offered a role on the hit TV show “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. This did not pan out though as she was offered the lead female part in “Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol”. She appeared in one episode of “Law & Order: SVU” before bowing out.

“Jumping the Broom” is Ms. Patton’s latest movie. Released on May 6, 2011 in theaters, it is currently available on both Blu-Ray and DVD. African Americans often follow a tradition of the bride and groom leaping over a broom upon completion of the marital vows which is how this movie received its name. The basis of this movie is similar to many others that have been seen in the past.

Jumping the Broom DVD Paula Patton Lax Alonso

Jumping the Broom DVD

In the film “Jumping the Broom”, two families from different classes must come together when their children choose to marry. The groom comes from a working class family while the bride comes from an upper class background. The bride and groom choose not to announce their marriage until they are forced to as they realize their mothers will not be pleased. The movie focuses on the meeting of the two families in Chilmark which is located on Martha’s Vineyard. Paula Patton plays the bride in this film and is matched with Lax Alonso. Supporting cast for this film includes Mike Epps and Angela Bassett among others.

In “Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol” Paula Patton plays Jane Carter. She stars with Tom Cruise in an action packed thriller that will be released on December 21, 2011. Here the Impossible Mission Force has to go undercover to investigate the bombing of the Kremlin by terrorists. The team is to be blamed for carrying out this attack when in fact they are responsible for finding the responsible parties. All members of the team are warned that, if captured, they will be tried as terrorists and charged with inciting global nuclear war. The cast of this movie includes such names as Josh Holloway, Ving Rhames and Lea Seydoux.

Ms. Patton also has her next project lined up. She will by playing Witch Broom in the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2″. This film will be released in 2013 and is already highly anticipated. She may appear in other films between now and then. Only time will tell so be on the lookout for her next big hit.

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When recent pictures of Jumping the Broom actress Paula Patton’s son with hubby Robin Thicke emerged, the web went crazy with everyone buzzing about the adorable 1-year-old’s blonde hair and blue eyes.

But in an appearance on Chelsea Lately, Paula assured fans that no, the couple did not adopt a Russian baby, and yes, she is in fact Julian’s biological mother.

“Blackness takes time,” joked Patton, who said that people often mistake her for the nanny when she’s out in public with her son.

Though she says — in jest — that she’s threatened to cover the tot in baby oil and sit him out in the sun, Paula’s certain that little Julian will start to look more like his mother in due time adding, “A tan is coming in, the hair’s curlier…..”

So, it’s okay. In the case of Julian Thicke, Paula Patton is the baby’s mother!

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I remember when I first met Paula Patton for Idlewild. She was so happy to be costarring in a big movie. Five years later she’s still excitably happy, maybe even happier. She’s the bride to be in the summer wedding comedy Jumping the Broom, and I got to jump in with a few questions during her love fest with the press.

CraveOnline: Paula, did you jump a broom when you got married?

Paula Patton: I did not. Honestly, I’ve got to be really real with you. I did not know of the tradition of jumping the broom until I read the script and that’s the truth. A lot of my friends who have gotten married, they didn’t do it. When I read the script and I started talking to people, I realized it was a tradition. It’s not something that’s done all the time but it is something that’s done. I was fascinated by it and I would have because I love that idea. I think the idea that you’re sweeping the past away and you’re forming a union, you’re jumping into the future to become a family, is a beautiful idea.

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During the summer, the small seaside hamlet of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia can look strikingly like the wealthy beach community of Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. — except the mosquitoes are giant, hairy and relentless dive-bombers. And when Paula Patton arrived in Lunenburg to shoot the wedding comedy “Jumping the Broom,” it felt more like “The Mosquito Coast.”

Patton, who achieved a breakthrough dramatic performance as teacher Ms. Rain in “Precious,” resorted to peculiar Internet advice to keep the beasts at bay, and it worked for a while — even if it made the 35-year-old actress smell like an old man’s medicine cabinet.

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In the new film Jumping the Broom, about feuding families at a wedding, Paula Patton’s romance with Laz Alonso gives the film its beating heart when their relatives are beating each other up. The film posted solid returns at the box office this weekend, taking in $13.7 million.

Speakeasy sat down with Patton in Los Angeles.

Speakeasy: I imagine you’ve had the opportunity to do similar sorts of films, but this is the first one you’ve done. What about this one in particular appealed to you?

Paula Patton: It was just the script. A script is always a work in progress when you’re making a movie, but [it’s great] when you can see a blueprint where you go, “the potential is here to make a great movie,” that’s what it was from me – Sabrina was there on the page. And it wasn’t about race in the end, even though we can’t help it when we see a black film to talk about race; to me it was more an issue of class, and of family, and the drama that goes on when two families get together.