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Paula Patton, who is now enjoying worldwide fame and admiration for her role in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, is not the kind of girl that looks like she would ever put a foot wrong in the fashion department. Not only is she now associated with her glamorous role in the movie, but the beautiful 36-year-old actress is frequently seen wearing a selection of stunning gowns on the red carpet. Her Hollywood looks also ensure she looks gorgeous in even the most causal of outfits. It was hard to believe, therefore, when Paula described her previous fashion sense as “way too garish to ever leave the house in.”

The star has been seen sporting a number of experimental looks throughout her time in the spotlight, but she manages to pull them off effortlessly. However, Paula explains that this was not always the case in the past. Her love of dressing up and experimenting with clothes started at a very early age and she would often raid her mother’s wardrobe for inspiration. In a recent interview with newspaper, The People, she explained how her mother would encourage her to experiment with clothes. “My mom would go to vintage stores, hand-me-down stores, and bring back these inexpensive adult clothes.”

Vintage style

This is the style that Paula grew up with and is where her fun, vintage and kooky sense of style came from. Luckily Paula has learnt from her experimenting with fashion though, and has emerged looking quite the fashion queen – with her own classy but individual sense of style.

Paula’s love of fashion was not just limited to clothes though. During her interview with The People, she admitted that she used to try some crazy looks with make-up too. She admitted to raiding her mother’s make-up cabinets, and would also spend her own pocket money on tons of different eye shadow creams and lipsticks. However, she confesses that the make-up she used to put on herself was not suitable for wearing on trips outside the house.

“And it was fun to use make-up – but the make-up I’d do [my mom] would never let me leave the house with,” she said. “It was way too garish for ten years old!”

Prefers the natural look

Before you all rush to find the best cable providers to watch Paula’s beauty on screen, here are her secrets to a healthy glow. These days, Paula is more likely to be spotted wearing more natural make-up looks. She told The People how she found it very important to feel fresh, especially when on long photo shoots and filming sessions. This means that she doesn’t like to plaster her face with cosmetics, but likes to always be wearing something to make her appear fresh faced.
“I put a little on every day, regardless of if I’m going to be on camera or not. It makes me feel like I’m ready to face the day,” Paula revealed.

She also admitted that her hectic lifestyle – combining being an A list film star with being a mother to her 20 month old son Julian – means that she often feels she looks tired. “Having a little one in the house means you’re always tired, so making yourself look less tired is a good thing,” she declared.

Paula reveals the secret to her flawless and effortless chic look is a little subtle lip colour or cheek colour. Natural colours are best for lips, she says; “a berry colour, or even a soft nude.” Cheek colour is key to looking fresh, healthy and awake, Paula advises. “It makes such a big difference on your face, and lets your eyes come through.”

Laughter key to beauty

However, the real secret to Paula’s radiant beauty appears to be something more natural. Her top tip for always looking her best is put down to one simple thing – laughter. Laughing, she says, is paramount to achieving real beauty. “I think it affects the way you look overall,” she said. “I don’t know how many people are getting ten hours of sleep a night, but you find someplace within and let that [beauty] emanate outward.”

When asked about eating habits, Paula says she is no crazy dieter. A comforting thing for any of us to her, Paula likes junk food “like everybody else.”

“But you have to drink a lot of water, have your greens,” she advises. It’s nice to know you can be beautiful and human!

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